Reliably Evaluate the Selected Equipment

Reliably Evaluate the Selected Equipment.
To complete this stage, the estimating group with the support of specialists must define the type of equipment required for the project and then establish its costs…

Reliably Evaluate the Selected Equipment – Type of Equipment

The term equipment includes all machines, tools, furniture, and their accessories, vehicles, computers, electronic equipment, office machines, etc., used for the execution of work.

To define the type of equipment needed to carry out a project, it is analyzed and examined, for example:

-The requirements of the specifications and the attached documentation.

-The information analyzed in the previous phases on Identification and calculation of materials, and Calculation of direct man-hours.

-The descriptions provided by the specialists on how the project being quoted is executed step by step.

-The preliminary work plan of the project, which defines the time of use of the machinery, vehicles, etc.

Preliminary analysis

The preliminary analysis for evaluate the selected Equipment:

-The type and quantity of vehicles for the transfer and internal movement of workers and hierarchical personnel (collectives, 4×4 or 4×2 vans, vehicles for supervisors, etc.)

-The number and type of trucks for general services, (e.g. those required for the supply of drinking water, irrigation and industrial water, vehicles for the internal transport of materials and machinery, etc.)

-The type of heavy and light equipment, mobile cranes, welding machines, motor-welders, power-generating units, etc., required to execute the project.

In the next post about calculating Selected Equipment Cost, we will determine the hourly costs of vehicles and machines.

Reliably Evaluate the Selected Equipment – Calculate Man Hours

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