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How to Make a Proposal Project

How to Make a Proposal Project – Calculate Man HoursPin How to Make a Proposal Project. In this article, review the steps involved in preparing a reliable economic proposal for construction.

The price competition is an activity within the purchasing process, in which the purchaser invites different bidders to present their offer for the provision of goods or services in a sealed envelop.


Bids must meet certain technical and commercial requirements that are particular to each project and have been defined by the purchaser.
We define a bidder or proposer as any person or entity that meets the requirements established by the purchaser or by the tender document and submits the bid or proposal to the price competition within the established time frame.

Each of the stages to be completed in preparing a proposal is analyzed below.

How To Make a Reliable Bid. Bidding steps

The following figure shows the crucial stages to be completed by the estimator in preparing a bid.

The figure shows each of the steps to follow in order to make a reliable estimate. Calculatemanhours.comPin
How to Make a Proposal Project

How to Make a Proposal Project

In order to prepare a decent economic proposal in any price competition, it is necessary to follow a series of steps that will give us the assurance that we calculated the offer accurately.

This analysis particularly interests owners of contractor companies, to shareholders and coordinators of construction and industrial assembly bids, and to all members of an organization who carry out tasks related to the construction of economic proposals in tenders or price competitions.

The author of this book worked during a large part of his professional life as a manager and director of on-site works in different chemical process plants, refineries, gas pipelines, gas compression plants, and thermal power plants in the country and abroad, finally managing to found and preside over a construction and assembly company.

Throughout his career, the author has prepared and reviewed hundreds of estimates for bids for the refurbishment of industrial plants and new facilities.

In the following publications, we will analyze each of the steps stated in the previous figure.


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How to Make a Proposal Project – Calculate Man Hours

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