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What about us What about us. We offer Technical Information, eBooks, and paperbacks of low cost and proven utility.

Our group can provide technical help for:

  • A correct elaboration of your estimates.
  • The manager of new projects.
  • The control of the works in progress.

Our Books

Estimator's Piping Man-hours Tool - Calculatemanhours.com | What about us
Estimator’s Piping Man-hours Tool
Ejemplos de Presupuesto - Piping - calculatemanhours.com - What about us
Ejemplos de Presupuesto – Piping
Presente una Oferta Ganadora - calculatemanhours.com - What about us
Presente una Oferta Ganadora
Submitting a Winning Bid - calcultemanhours.com | What about us
Submitting a Winning Bid – What about us
Threaded Piping - calculatemanhours.com
Threaded Piping
Types of Valves in Piping - Calculatemanhours.com
Types of Valves in Piping
Cañerías Roscadas - calculatemanhours.com
Cañerías Roscadas
Básico de Válvulas - Calculatemanhours.com - What about us
Básico de Válvulas

What about us | Who we are

We are a group of technicians led by engineer Gustavo Miguel Cinca, dedicated to the desktop publishing of electronic and printed books, of proven usefulness for preparing estimates and project management.

The author of these books has a long professional experience of over 40 years in Construction and Industrial Assembly and an outstanding technical knowledge on how to prepare budgets and manager of projects.
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Author Biography

Gustavo Miguel Cinca was born in San Rafael, Argentina. He graduated with Honors as a Chemical Engineer from National University of Cuyo (UNC). He also got an Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement by same university.

During his professional life, he worked as an Engineer and Site Manager for fifteen years in Construction and Installation Projects executed in different regions of Argentina and abroad.

Later in his career, he worked as Project Manager for a few years. Finally, he founded and presided a Construction Company dedicated to expansions and new installation works on Process Plants, Refineries, Gas Pipelines, Gas Compression Plants and Thermal Power Plants.

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