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The image shows a diagram that symbolizes the starting and finishing point of a project - Calculate man hours - Project Completed SuccessfullyProject Completed Successfully. Delivering a successful project on time and on budget is a key requirement to ensure viability.
As mentioned in previous publications, in order for this to happen, the project or work must come from a reliable technical and economical proposal.

Following are some strategies to take into consideration to better manage project time and resources.

Plan and Schedule

Plan and Schedule. A well-designed plan and schedule are critical to a successful project.
The work plan is obtained through project planning, which consists of quantifying the time, materials, equipment and resources necessary for the project.

Planning is essential to develop the action plan to follow and define the logical sequence of activities or tasks to be carried out.
The schedule established by the contractor is then reviewed and approved by the client and included in the contract document.

Prefabrication and modular design

A proven way to reduce hours and improve the quality of a project is through prefabrication and modular construction.
Prefabrication and modular construction produce project components off-site. These components are then quickly transported and assembled on site.

As a general rule, we can say that:

“Everything that is done in the workshop is cheaper and of better quality than what is made on site.”

Timely delivery of precast and modular construction to the installation site is the key to the success of the entire project!

This approach reduces construction time, minimizes waste, and improves efficiency.

The image shows a diagram that symbolizes the starting and finishing point of a successful project - Calculate man hours - Project Completed Successfully

Hire Skilled Workers

Having qualified workers is essential to achieve a successful project. Hiring experienced and competent workers increases productivity and considerably reduces the risk of mistakes.

Provide appropriate training

Adequate training helps workers to carry out their work more efficiently. Regular training sessions on new safety technologies, techniques and procedures help reduce mistakes, improve quality and increase productivity.

Optimize material management

Efficient material management is crucial for maintaining productivity in construction. Adequate planning, sourcing and storage of materials, minimize waste, delays and costs.

Standardization and quality control

Standardization of processes and procedures can help to ensure consistency and minimize errors. 
Implementing quality control measures can also help identify and address problems before they escalate.

Reinforce coordination and communication

Coordination and communication between the different parties involved in the construction process is critical to reduce turnaround times. 
Open communication and collaboration can help identify and resolve issues quickly, reduce delays and ensure work is completed on time.

Invest in technology

Technology can help reduce construction timelines by improving communication, streamlining processes, and increasing efficiency.

Construction management software, advanced tools and equipment, etc., are examples of technologies that can help reduce construction timelines.
Implementing these strategies could improve overall productivity

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