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How to Piping Spool Fabrication

Calculate Man Hours - How to Piping Spool Fabrication How to Piping Spool Fabrication. The industrial facilities cover a wide range of projects, such as Oil Refineries, Chemical Plants, and Energy Plants to name a few.

All these types of Installations include a very important area, which is the assembly of piping that connects a wide variety of equipment and transport different fluids and process gases.


Man-hours Consumption – Piping Spool Fabrication

The way to reduce the consumption of hours and to assure quality is using the prefabricated pipes, this also guarantees the fulfillment of the Plans of Work.

As a rule of thumb, we can say that:

“Everything that is manufactured in the workshop is more economical and of higher quality than what is done on-site”.

The success of industrial construction projects depends largely on the quantity and quality of the prefabricated.

When prefabricated, the piping work is divided into two stages: prefabrication of Spools in Workshop and transport and installation with on-site adjustment.

Timely delivery of piping spools to the installation site is the key to the success of the entire Project!

Prefabrication of Piping Spools

Piping spools are manufactured in the fabrication shops or into a worksite on the Assembly Site from unprocessed pipe and fittings (e.g., elbows, flanges, tees, etc.).

Spool of a natural gas line to be assembled at a plant shutdown.
Calculate Man Hours - How to piping spool fabrication
Spool of a natural gas line to be assembled at a plant shutdown

Hiring suitable suppliers for the prefabrication of pipe spools is to ensure the reduction of piping costs and the highest quality of manufactured products.

Pipe spools usually have flanges at their ends to facilitate connection to other spools.

Manufacturing these spools is normally carried out in specialized manufacturing workshops that are equipped with the required infrastructure.

Specialized manufacturers work under a quality management system that allows them to get precision in manufacturing and rigorously comply with the Technical Specifications required by the customer.

In the next blog we will continue to address this important activity.

Calculate Man Hours – How to Piping Spool Fabrication



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