How to Inquiries to the Purchaser at the Pre-bid

How to Inquiries to the Purchaser at the Pre-bid – Calculate Man Hours. Here, the questions that are resolved through consultations with the purchaser are clarified and analyzed…

The record of the site visit and the answers notified by the purchaser to the bidders’ queries are binding and form part of the offer.

The buyer’s answers are part of the offer

In practice, the purchaser opens a channel of communication with the bidders for some time to respond to the queries raised during the quotation period.

The bidders may, in general, make customer inquiries in advance in computerized form, but must confirm them on paper, duly signed by authorized personnel.

The purchaser shall simultaneously send the questions and answers as a circular to each bidding company.
The answers become part of the bidding document

Two or three days before the closing date for submission of tenders, all bidders are deemed to have been informed of all amendments, provisions, circulars, and replies made up to that time.

How to Inquiries to the Purchaser at the Pre-bid – Proponent’s responsibility

Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the bidder to go to the offices of the purchaser to request a copy of all the queries and their replies, or to access its website to realize all the acts dictated by the purchaser before making the bid.

In other cases, the buyer prefers to call all the bidders to a meeting prior to the closing of the bidding process and hand out an Addendum whose contents include each of the bidders’ questions and the corresponding answers from the buyer.

In the responses, the buyer specifies, if applicable, the modifications, changes, deletions, or additions to be made to each drawing or bidding documents.

Each Bidder must sign this Addendum and become part of the Bidding documentation.

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How To inquiries To the Purchaser at the Pre-bid – Calculate Man hours

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