Input and Consumption Materials

In this step, the Estimator must analyze what the Input and Consumption Materials are, and how much they cost.

Input and Consumption Materials.
Input and Consumption Materials

Indirect Material in a Project

The input and Consumption Materials include all indirect materials used during the execution of a Project.

Consumption Materials

Consumption Materials are auxiliary materials that are used during the process of construction and assembly of a Project, but as its name indicates, they are consumed and are not detected in the finished Project.

Examples of Consumption Materials

Consumption Materials in Civil Works
Formwork waste.
Some estimators charge in the Consumption Material Item the cost per:
Formwork waste due to cutting, retake and manipulation.
The use of elements for the assembly and fastening of form work such as nails, threaded rods, spacers, staples, etc.
Mold release agents etc.
Caution: The Formwork have a significant value within the cost of the m3 of Concrete and its acquisition and assembly cost is charged as a direct cost.
Perishable Tools.
For example drill bits, cutters, saw blades, steel reamers, cutting and grinding discs

Consumption Materials in Electromechanical Works.
Oxycutting gases such as Acetylene and Oxygen.
Welding gases such as
CO2 Shielding gas used for short-circuit and globular transfer.
Traditional binary mixture AR-CO2, in the process of MIG/MAG and tubular welds with gas protection.
Special gas mixtures. To be used as protective atmosphere in MIG, TIG welding and Plasma cutting.
The C02 and N2 used as an inert protective or insulating atmosphere, etc.

Input Materials

Input materials includes any indirect material that is totally or partially incorporated into the finished Project.

Examples of Input materials

In Civil Works
The wire to tie armor.
The separators between the form work and the iron of the reinforcements.
Construction Additives, etc.

In Electromechanical Work.
Electrical connectors and terminals, insulating tape, minor screws, adhesives, etc.
Soft soldering and brazing filler metals
The filler materials of electric arc welding.
Attention: In works with a significant amount of inches of welding or with alloyed or special steels, this cost becomes relevant and must be carefully analyzed.


Charts that will help the Reader calculate the consumption of electrodes and gases.

Input and Consumption Materials.
Input and Consumption Materials.

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