Tools for Project Management

Tools for Project Management. A complete guide on how to quote, how to calculate work hours and how to successfully execute and close a project.

Piping estimate

Piping estimate - Calculate man-hours
Piping man hours estimates. To arrive at the most probable time of execution of a pipework, we use the correct ...
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Benefits of Pipe Spool Manufacture

Benefits of pipe spool manufacture
Benefits of pipe spool manufacture, that generate cost savings in prefabrication, inspection and testing ...
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Prefabricated Pipe

Prefabricated Pipe - Calculate Man Hours
Prefabricated Pipe. The prefabrication of the pipe spool ensures the reduction of pipe assembly costs and high quality in manufacturing ...
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How to Count Weld Inches

Calculate Man Hours - How to Count Weld Inches
Calculate man Hours. How to count weld inches. In this post, we explore the concept of how to quantify the ...
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Types of Valves in Piping

Types of Valve in Piping - Calculate Man hours
This publication begins by providing a description of the types of conventional valves used in piping systems ...
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Ball Valve

Ball Valve - Calculate Man Hours
A ball valve is a quarter-turn shut-off mechanism that controls the flow of fluids through a rotating ball that has ...
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Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm Valve - Calculate Man Hours
Diaphragm valves include a valve body with two or more ports, a diaphragm, and a weir or seat against which ...
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Gate Valve Types

calculate man hours - Gate Valve Types
Gate Valve Types. The Gate valves have three main components: the valve body, bonnet and TRIM ...
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Check Valves

Check Valve - Calculate Man Hours
The check valves permit flow only in one direction. These valves close when the flow rate is inverted. Also known ...
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Plug Valve

Plug Valve - Calculate Man Hours
Plug Valve. This valve controls the flow of fluid through a conical or cylindrical plug which has a hole through it, ...
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Types of Butterfly Valves

Types of Butterfly Valves
Types of Butterfly Valves. A butterfly valve has a circular disk approximately the size of the orifice of the pipe diameter.  ...
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Pressure Relief Device Examples

Pressure Relief Device Examples - Calculate Man Hours
Pressure-relief devices are used to remove overpressure, which could result in the failure of a boiler, pressure vessel or other ...
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