Tender documents

Study of Tender documents

The estimator must analyze in detail all the bidding documentation provided by the Purchaser.
The study of this documentation is crucial, and should be analyzed in its entirety before making the site visit.
The site visit should be conducted with experienced personnel, with the ability to examine each of the aspects that will influence the number of man-hours and resources to be employed.
The proof signed by the Acquirer that the offer or has made the visit to the Site must be attached to the Offer; failure to present the Offer will result in the rejection of the Offer.

Estimator's Piping Man-hours Tool

Consultations with the client.

In practice, the acquiring entity opens a communication channel with the bidders for a period to respond to clarifying queries during the quotation period. Each question asked and its corresponding answer is sent simultaneously to each of the bidding companies. The answers become part of the bidding documents.

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