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Detailed Cost Estimate

The picture shows a green dollar sign that is the "Calculate Man Hours" site icon. Video: A Guide to Reliable Project EstimationDetailed Cost Estimate: If you are in or about to enter the construction industry, electromechanical assembly, or other similar activities, we recommend that you watch these videos that detail the steps and precautions you should take to ensure that your estimates are reliable.

Guide to Reliable Estimating

Topics covered in the first video: Studying the tender document and supporting documentation. Technical visit to the works. How buyer inquiries are made. Evaluating the cost of detail engineering. When bidding, it is important to be sure that the price quoted will easily cover all the costs of the work and allow you to make a profit. Otherwise, you will not win a job, you will win a PROBLEM. Explore *A guide to reliable project estimation*.

How to Make an Estimate: Without Losing Money

A Comprehensive Guide to estimating. In this second video of the series, we will discuss the following issues:: Calculating the expenses for necessary direct materials for a project, estimating the hours needed for direct labor, and determining the cost of equipment and machinery required for the job.
When submitting a bid, it is crucial to ensure that the quoted price is enough to cover all necessary expenses and secure a profit. Neglecting this crucial step could result in lost job opportunities and potential setbacks. It is essential to prioritize proper calculations and estimation to succeed in the bidding process.
Mastering Cost Estimation: A Guide to Reliable Project Estimation

Construction Estimating – Detailed Cost Estimate

How do I create a construction estimate? Techniques for precise industrial budgeting.
In this video the third of the series, we will discuss the following topics.
What are the auxiliary materials used in the construction industry?
Estimation of indirect labor.
Indirect labor summary table
Review other specific costs
What are the general costs of a job?
Summary table of the items that make up general expenses
During the bidding process, it is important to ensure that the bid price is sufficient for the job to be completed smoothly and profitable.
Learn or refresh your knowledge about how to create an accurate budget. View this series of 6 short videos.

Types of Insurance in Construction Industry

Types of Insurance in Construction Industry. This video, the fourth in this series, covers the following topics: Types of insurance for tenders. Table showing the type of insurance required by the specifications. Guarantee of integrity of the offer. Workers’ compensation insurance. Mandatory life insurance. Civil liability insurance for companies. Professional liability insurance. Civil liability for environmental pollution. Commercial vehicle insurance. Contractor Machinery and Equipment Insurance. Guarantee of execution of the contract. Advance Financial Guarantee. Bond insurance.
This video examines the different types of insurance commonly required in bidding documents for construction and industrial installation projects. These insurances are essential to protect all parties involved in the project, mitigate risks, and provide financial protection in case of unforeseen events.

Contingency in Construction – Detailed Cost Estimate

Cost estimation. Contingency in Construction. A guide to a reliable estimate: The contingency reserve required in the estimate.
In this video, the fifth in the series, we will cover the following topics:
Steps to create a Financial Plan.
What is the Contingency Reserve and the Management Reserve?
If you are linked or are going to start tasks related to the Construction Industry, or with Electromechanical Assembly or any other similar activity, watch these videos where the steps to follow and the precautions to take are defined so that the final price you arrive at, be reliable.

A guide to a reliable estimate: the contingency reserve required in the estimate. When quoting, you must be sure that with the price offered, you will be able to complete the Work without problems and obtain a financial return. If not, you will not win a Work, you will win A PROBLEM.

Construction estimating course With this series of short videos, you will learn or update your knowledge about HOW TO MAKE AN ACCURATE ESTIMATION.

General Contractor Pricing Guide

Cost estimation. General Contractor Pricing Guide. Explore a realistic return on investment in construction estimating.
Welcome, Guest. This Quoting Method that I recommend following to prepare a reliable estimate is the fruit of my experience of more than 40 years preparing estimates, leading field projects and managing my own business.
In this video, we will analyze the following topics:
Profit margin.
What is mark-up?
How to evaluate taxes.
Making a work is not a standardized process where a cost can be reached through comparisons.
Each project requires a reliable budget that gives us the possibility of obtaining a fair return for our work at the time of signing the contract.

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