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Example of Direct Labor - Calculate Man Hours

Working Time Calculation

Working Time Calculation – Calculate man hours. Calculation of the labor required to execute a reinforced concrete base.
In this example, we are calculating the labor hours required to build a reinforced concrete foundation.

Cost per Hour for a Pickup Truck - Calculate Man Hours

Cost per Hour for a Pickup Truck

Cost per hour of a pick-up truck. In this article, we are going to complete the calculation of the hourly cost of the Ford F150 truck from the previous post.

The picture shows a summary, prepared by Gustavo Cinca, detailing the types of insurance that are currently used to carry out industrial work.. Types of Construction Insurance – Calculate Man Hours

Types of Construction Insurance

Types of Construction Insurance.
The estimate of financial costs in an economic proposal includes the insurance cost and the financial cost itself.

The image shows the logo of the site "". The logo is a square with a light green background and a dark green $ sign inside it. How to Make a Reliable Winning Bid

How to Make a Reliable Winning Bid?

How to write a Reliable Winning Bid
For a construction and assembly industry to be financially viable, it must achieve positive economic outcomes in the work or services it provides.

Plug Valve - Calculate Man Hours

Plug Valve

Plug Valve. This valve controls the flow of fluid through a conical or cylindrical plug which has a hole through it, and permits the fluid passage when this hole is aligned with the pipe axis.

Diaphragm Valve - Calculate Man Hours

Diaphragm Valve

Diaphragm valves include a valve body with two or more ports, a diaphragm, and a weir or seat against which the diaphragm closes the valve.

Types of Butterfly Valves

Types of Butterfly Valves

Types of Butterfly Valves. A butterfly valve has a circular disk approximately the size of the orifice of the pipe diameter. 

Check Valve - Calculate Man Hours

Check Valves

The check valves permit flow only in one direction. These valves close when the flow rate is inverted. Also known as non return valve (NRV)

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