How to Make a Reliable Winning Bid

How to make a Reliable Winning Bid.
For a construction and industrial assembly company to be financially viable, it must achieve positive economic results in the work or services it provides.
When the awarded project has its origin in a bid with errors, the project will not be profitable…

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Financial Cost of the Works

Financial Cost of the Works, Example.
In this publication, we will analyze which are the financial needs to execute the work detailed below.

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Cost per Hour of a Pickup Truck

Cost per Hour of a Pickup Truck. In this article we will complete the calculation of the hourly cost of the Ford F150 truck from the previous post.

In following figure we highlight the Fixed costs already calculated in the previous post.

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How to Calculate the Hourly Cost of a Pickup Truck

Example of How to Calculate the Hourly Cost of a Pickup Truck.
In this example, we are going to calculate the cost per hour of a Ford F150 4×4 6-cylinder truck.

We should note that the reader should substitute the values used in this example to adapt them to those in effect in his or her region…

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Example of Direct Labor

Example of direct labor. Calculation of the labor required to execute a reinforced concrete base.
In this example, we are calculating the labor hours required to build a reinforced concrete foundation…

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Tax for Construction Contractors

Tax for Construction Contractors.
In this publication we summarize the type of taxes that will apply to tenders in the construction sector…

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How to Calculate Profit Margin

How to Calculate profit margin for a Construction Project.
We define the profit or benefit as the income remaining after we pay all expenses…

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