How to Estimate Budgets

Tentative list of tasks

How to Estimate Budgets | Calculate Man Hours. Tentative list of tasks to follow to estimate a Bid or Project. The following figure shows, by way of example, the main stages that the Estimator must consider in the preparation of an Offer.

How to Estimate Budgets | Calculate Man Hours
Guide to Make an Estimate

This publication is a very useful Guide for Contractors, Budget Managers and Owners or Shareholders of Construction Companies and Industrial Assemblies.
Quoting with certainty is decisive in order to execute a lucrative Contract.

When the Bidder presents a very low Budget and has the misfortune of being hired, from the initial joy it quickly goes into a panic with the onset of financial problems.
Making a mistake in the Budget Offering a very high price far from the values of the competition will leave us out of the Contest of Prices and will have unfavorable repercussions in the commercial relation with the Client.

The conclusion is that it is necessary to analyze very carefully each step of an estimation in order to present an Offer that adjusts to the reality.
The purpose of this publication is to give the Readers a reliable Guide to the decisive task of Budgeting.

The following post discusses and analyzes the issues that must be resolved during the visit to the Work or through consultations with the Acquirer.
As we shall see, the constancy of the visit to the Work and the answers of the Bidder are binding and form part of the Offer.

How to Estimate Budgets | Calculate Man Hours.